I joined Second Life in May of 2009. My friend gave me 500 lindens and I was flush with money. =) I became an expert at right click and buy. I loved my bling shoes because they came with an AO and I could walk like a human instead of a duck.

I started making ballet outfits in 2016. I follow Strawberry Singh on Facebook and her blog, and she said there weren’t many ballet outfits in Second Life, and I thought I should try and make clothes. I dusted off my copy of Photoshop that I didn’t know how to use and started creating.

In late 2017 my winter sales took an upswing. I laugh about this now; I went from making 200 L a month to 1000 L for one whole month. The Nutcracker was being performed by a few dance companies and they were buying my outfits. I went to all the shows and saw my outfits on stage, yes my outfits on stage!! I am now a member of the Muse Dance Company as a dancer and as a designer. I adore seeing my avatar on the stage dancing to the choreography of Anu.

Anu Papp