Glyn Morgath


I joined SL during the winter holidays late 2007 out of curiosity. I soon found that there was much of interest especially music, exploring, meeting people from all over the world and photography. My avatar looked about 75 years of age which was an advantage in the Victorian roleplay sim of steampunk Rivet Town. At the "Lost Gardens of Apollo" I was known as "The Professor" due to my aged appearance. There I did Tai Chi to music which I later discovered was provided by Anu. At times Viola and I were unable to get to the Lost Gardens as the sim was so full so I chased Anu's music to her own sim and did Tai Chi on her tranquil beach in view of the Taj Mahal.

Viola followed my lead and joined SL in summer 2008 which opened up SL to me even further as we were able to dance & explore virtual places together. Soon I was creating montages, my first being at Anu & Ferdi's sim of course. Viola accidentally reduced my aged "look" from 75 years down to 55 while trying to find for me an "out of character" outfit for Rivet Town. I didn't complain. Anu's inspiration and Viola's too caused me to move on from montages to SL "filming". It's a wonderful way to be creative and capture music, dancing and lovely scenery in the company of good friends. There's been much laughter along the way too and happily that's still the case.

Anu Papp