Viola Sweetwater


I followed Glyn into SL in the summer of 2008. I felt as if I was almost in SL during the previous 8 months as Glyn often played Anu's music and kindly made sure I could hear it all over our RL house if I so wished. I observed his avatar exploring worlds and that was fine with both of us until I kept asking him to "zoom" in on costumes in Rivet Everything changed when I saw Glyn dance. Suddenly I had some motivation to join SL myself but no time. One day I found the time, very early in the day, and Viola was born. Later, after finding a long gown, I danced with Glyn at Frank's.

I've been dancing with Glyn in SL or with him nearby ever since that day. I made a lot of mistakes as a new avatar and many of them are still in my inventory, so late in 2016 I created ViolaMai just for show dancing with Anu's dance company, as she logs in much faster. She doesn't have a prim heavy 5 legged horse or numerous partly sinking home-made wearable boats.! SL is a wonderful way of learning, exploring and meeting people from all over the world. Add to that beautiful music, creating, making good friends and laughter. The dancing, fun and the adventure continues....

Anu Papp